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Spend the morning delving into those deep, dark, potentially treasure-filled waters of “why are we here” and “how can I fulfill my calling.” In the late afternoon, you switch gears. Something comes up that requires pragmatic action. Since you switch gears as quickly and smoothly as a luxury sports car, you immediately get started taking said pragmatic action. To your surprise, you might find a few of the answers to the questions you were posing in the morning.

Singles Lovescope

Don’t believe the hype! Someone is talking up a romantic prospect, and you really want to believe every word of it. You need to reserve judgment. Meeting in person should clarify where you stand.

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When you’re open to change, new and exciting circumstances present themselves. Talk over your next course of action with your partner. Good fortune awaits you both.


Keep busy! You know what they say about a rolling stone. Your temptation is to curl up in a ball and cry, but there’s enough going on to cover your budget, even if it won’t make you rich.



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