Daily Forecast Virgo 06-03


Virgo Daily Forecast

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This is a great day to deal with strangers, especially those who hold some power over your life. Judges, teachers, bosses, even police officers could be totally enchanted by your charm and kindness right now. Your wit is sharp and your energy is positive. People know that when they’re dealing with you, they’re dealing with a high-quality person who can be trusted. Don’t take advantage of the power you have today or you’ll be sure to lose it tomorrow.

Singles Lovescope

Compassion’s all around you, and those you’re close to certainly understand (and even share) your heart’s desires. So don’t go solo now, and don’t feel embarrassed about sharing yourself.

Couple Lovescope

Almost anything the two of you undertakes today will be good fun. Everything from parties to paperwork will be more bearable in each other’s presence, and you can make a game out of almost anything.


You’re determined to get your point across — and your financial success depends on it. If you’re not winning them over the first time, then re-articulate your argument until you’re understood. You’ll know it when the sparks start to fly.



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