Daily Forecast Virgo 06-05


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People who disagree with you won’t annoy you today. In fact, you’ll have an absolute blast debating ideas and learning how other people see things. Meeting someone new who has a lot to say about very controversial matters will tap into a seldom used area of your brain and stimulate you to think in new ways. You may even (gasp!) change your mind about a thing or two. Revising your opinions and beliefs is necessary from time to time.

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Are you ignoring personal stuff in favor of work? Whether or not you agree, someone else thinks so. It’s too easy to get caught up in the rat race, but it’s called that for a reason.

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After a long day, you’re ready to get out and mingle with other people. Invite your loved one to meet you at a place with a lively scene. You’ll both get a lift from the energy of the crowd.


Opportunistic tendencies can almost be forgiven in today’s climate. Almost but not quite. Try to stay grounded and remind yourself you can survive this without losing your composure, or your integrity.



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