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Just in time, your energy is aiming you toward someone new who is just as reliable, hardworking and truthful as you, and they’re hot too! Does this mean it’s time for some serious fun? It does, of course, but you could find it hard to say goodnight. Grab some coffee, sit down at wherever is handy, and tell each other all about your respective history. It’s all perfectly natural.

Singles Lovescope

Your smarts and charm are in high demand, so don’t deprive the world of what you have to offer. Balance your work and errands with a fun outing that’ll put you in direct touch with as many people as possible.

Couple Lovescope

Express your most tender feelings for your loved one today. Take the time to write down your words, so they’ll always have them to cherish. When you write from the heart, the words will flow.


Being flexible isn’t always a good quality. You need to be absolutely rigid about paying certain bills, and on time. When it comes to being absolutely certain, you need to act like a machine. Or you could simply make good use of one. Time to revamp your bill paying system.


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