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Monotony, habit, or anything that even remotely resembles routine will be absolutely intolerable to you now, so intolerable that you’ll take chances and risks regardless of how iffy the odds are just to do something new and different. Oddly enough, it’s a memory from the past, one that reminds you of how refreshing, exciting, and spontaneous it was to do exactly what you wanted, regardless of the aftermath, that will most likely inspire you to do all this. Go figure.

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If anyone feels comfortable in the extremes, it’s you. But if you’re runnin’ and gunnin’ at full steam, no wonder you feel tired and burned out. Then again, others are burned out on you too. Your fanaticism has turned off at least a few prospects. Mellow out.

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Someone from your past could reappear in your life. It’s up to you how much you want to let them back in. If you’re uncertain, talking to your loved one may help you sort out your feelings.


No pain, no gain doesn’t apply to you today, because you can’t afford the pain. You don’t have enough padding to make financial risks worth taking, so play it safe.


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