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How about letting a few of those sweet feelings slip out? Put your innate reserve aside and get a little mushy. If you’re coupled up, renew and reinvigorate the romance by reiterating why it is you’re involved. If you’ve got a crush, well, they’re not going to realize you’re interested by sheer intuition. Ask some in-depth questions about them, and express how fascinated you are by the answers and by them in general.

Singles Lovescope

A night-long stretch on the couch doesn’t work for you now. If you’re exhausted, just grab a quick nap. Regain your momentum — the weekend could start early tonight! Ring someone up and get out there.

Couple Lovescope

You’ve got the power to reconcile different viewpoints now, so why not use it for good between the two of you? Finding common ground can be a very positive process with you at the helm.


Strange, you feel happy and even content, and you’re not anywhere near your financial goals. Don’t get too comfortable with the feeling. You need a bit of dissatisfaction — it’s just the right fuel to keep you going after the green. Consider this simply a pit stop.


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