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A long-distance invitation could arrive from someone you haven’t seen in far too long. Will you be the one traveling? Not necessarily. As fond as you are of home, you can probably talk this loved one into making the trek instead. But if you do decide to go, start making your plans. It’s a terrific time to look into travel deals. And weren’t you just wishing for a break from your routine? Well, here it is!

Singles Lovescope

When you know you look good, it gives you the confidence to take on anything. You can rely on that confidence when you “accidentally” run into your crush today.

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You need to cast a skeptical eye on any new plans that come from your partner, or anyone else, for that matter. You’ll find that putting off any new commitments will keep you open for better options.


It doesn’t matter how many things go wrong, nothing and nobody can get you upset today. Even money worries can’t reach you for a change. It’s not that things are all rosy as much as it is that you are simply immune to the bad news.


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