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A recent conversation has got you thinking hard about tough issues concerning where you want your life to go next. To sort through things more clearly, ask yourself if you’re interested in making one big change or a few small ones. That will help you pinpoint a timetable and even come up with a loose plan of action. Any career research you do today will provide you with some information that gets you thinking about a geographical move.

Singles Lovescope

If you’re consciously trying to overlook something about a potential love interest or ignoring a nagging little feeling, ask yourself why. This deserves thought, not brushing aside.

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It’s true that you won’t always understand your partner, but it’s important to try. Listen to what they’re saying, and pay attention to their nonverbal cues. You’ll find they’re not such a mystery after all!


You finally get a little break, and you have definitely earned it yet. You do need it though, so make the most of it. Make a point of spending this extra cash on something that you like or enjoy.


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