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If there is any uncertainty in your plans today, it will only encourage you to be nervous or moody, whether you consciously realize it or not. You really need a firm roadmap in order to feel comfortable moving forward. So use your morning to nail things down. Return those phone calls and e-mails and make sure everyone is on board with the plans. You can get the stability you need in no time and enjoy feeling more confident throughout the rest of the day.

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You’re a model of efficiency and organization, or should be. Get it together, and don’t waste all that energy on work. Get your love life all nicely lined up too.

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You’re experiencing a great blast of romantic vigor that will make life a lot more interesting for both of you. Whatever you decide to do will turn out to be fantastic. Think outside the box!


Others suddenly want you to be the group leader. Step up to the wheel, even if it’s on a sinking ship. If nothing else, with a bit of creativity, you can boost your own bottom line.


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