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The biggest conflicts you experience today are centered around getting from point A to point B. There’s a lot of negative energy around transportation right now, so be prepared for delays or detours. If you’re driving, give yourself some extra time to make any appointments. Being late could set you back in many important ways — so play it safe just in case. If you’re taking some sort of public transportation, the people around you could affect your energy. Keep to yourself.

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Common goals are a turn-on. Is it any wonder you meet someone with potential through politics or volunteering? Helping others satisfies your soul and helps you find new room in your heart.

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You’ve got to make the first move if things are going to change. Of course, if you’re happy with the way things are, then stay quiet and just enjoy the good times. If not, speak up!


Some days you can get away with anything, but not today. You feel like your every move has your entire career in the balance, and you’re not even at work. That nagging feeling that the boss is watching is actually a good thing. It’s keeping you honest, and that’s what you want.


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