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You’ve been hitting it hard for a while now, doing your job and someone else’s too. But now, finally, the recognition you deserve is en route. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen immediately. It’s in the works. The higher-ups have been watching you and they’re pleased. Stick out that chest and be as proud of yourself as others are of you! And don’t be surprised if your partner has a special surprise in store for you too.

Singles Lovescope

Try to keep the past out of the present. On the other hand, to avoid mistakes in the future, you need to remember the lessons you’ve learned. Your heart is sure to thank you for striking this balance.

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Is this a flashing yellow light or a full-on stop signal? Only you and your main squeeze know for sure. What do your instincts say? Give yourself plenty of space and quiet so you can hear them clearly.


Social situations can get in the way of work and that is to be expected. Your bank account won’t suffer because of it, so don’t let yourself get too anxious. It’s not just your private problems. All of your coworkers are dealing with the same issue.


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