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If you encounter anyone intimidating today, you can avoid getting nervous by being observant and charming. Be sensitive to their body language and notice how they are moving and expressing themselves. They could be hiding a few big time insecurities, and if you look closely enough you will see that they are actually human, just like you. Your fear will disappear! Compliment them and you’ll not only show them how intuitive you are, you’ll show them how kind you are.

Singles Lovescope

An attractive acquaintance might be interested if you took the time to notice. It’s easy to spot flirting if you know what to look for. Excessive smiling, winking, open arms, laughing, touching all imply that this person might want to get to know you better.

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Don’t believe everything you hear (or read or even see with your own eyes). Looks can be deceiving, especially if you let your ego run wild with misinterpretations. Think about things first.


You had your bit of fun. You never dreamed there would be any follow up to your idle banter, but a knock on the door will floor you. Get ready to see your ideas cashed in, if not by you then by others.


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