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You have wonderful ideas deep inside you, but something in you is worried that people might not understand them. What you have to realize today is that how your ideas are received is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that you get your thoughts out into the world. People should know about what you’re seeing when you close your eyes. Draw, paint, sketch, or even just describe what it is that you want. Someone will appreciate it.

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Responsibility can be hard when you feel like the only grown-up around. Try a different approach. Let others accept their own mistakes, just as you do, and see who takes it the best.

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It’s a good time to talk about unresolved emotions. If you and your partner’s feelings are out of balance, it’s probably a sign that an old issue has resurfaced. Deal with it before it becomes chronic.


You’re so addled by your financial situation that you can hardly tell the difference between a plan and a scheme. That makes you a ready target for scams. They won’t arrive with an X on their foreheads, so be wary of anyone who suddenly changes their approach to your money.


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