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It looks like you’ll finally be able to close the door on past issues at work or school. That water is finally going to be under the bridge and part of your memories. Try not to dwell on things that have gone before. It’s not healthy, and it’s just not any fun! Right now you need to set your sights on a new adventure. Start planning your next vacation, your next date, or your next project. It’s time to schedule something to look forward to because your future is bright.

Singles Lovescope

Freedom suits you. Paradoxically, the happier you are by yourself, the more people want to be with you. Enjoy it all while you sample what they have to offer at your leisure.

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If you’ve been waiting for the right time to tell your partner how you really feel, wait no longer. You’ll be able to express yourself precisely and get the best possible response, so open up right away!


You feel like a child again. You can have a good time playing with sticks, rocks or a cardboard box, so why waste money on more substantial toys? Put your cash in the bank for when you really grow up instead.


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