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If you haven’t already made plans to bring together the old and the new, now is the time to put an end to the waiting period. You’re given to worrying like this, and you know it — you’ve done it for a long time. The good news is that if you think about it, all that worrying has never served you well. If it’s friends you’re worried about, quit it. Get them together, let them handle it and see what happens next.

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Strike a balance between perfection and practicality. You may be too caught up in the hunt for the ideal mate when you should broaden your search. An open mind helps you spot the right match.

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Do what you need to do to loosen up: stretch, walk, yoga. When your body’s flexible, your mind will follow, and you’ll want to be in a flexible headspace for what’s happening romantically now.


If you can’t get excited about your day, then just stay in bed. There’s no reason to force yourself to conquer the world when you barely have the energy to put on your slippers. Spend the day sipping coffee and thinking. It will expand your horizons without even leaving the house.


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