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Stand up for yourself and watch how quickly people back down. You’ll be able to talk to absolutely anyone today, even the folks who usually intimidate you. It’s a great day to ask for a raise, try to get some face time with the big boss, or ask someone out on a date. You’ll give off an unmistakable air of confidence, which might be a bit stronger than what you actually feel. This level of boldness could open up some very important doors for you.

Singles Lovescope

You’ve got bigger and better things to do than worry about others’ stupid gossip or frantic drama. Conduct yourself with your usual upright demeanor and just let it ride. Your energy is awesome now, so don’t waste it.

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Today is a good day to get what you want from your partner, but remember to ask politely. No one likes to be bossed around, no matter how cute the boss is!


Your desires are in constant opposition and it’s making your accounts go south. On one hand, you know you should save. On the other, you can’t help but spend. If you can’t see the folly of your ways, you’re a rare bird.


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