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Your day will be like a jigsaw puzzle that’s missing one piece, but at least you know it ahead of time! Not knowing every single detail shouldn’t be an excuse to put all of your plans on pause, though. Simply use your imagination to create a complete picture and solve the mystery. You’ve got plenty of ingenuity, flexibility, and smarts to navigate any uncertainties with ease, grace, and style. You don’t need a detailed road map to tell you how to get to where you want to be.

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A calculated approach to matters of the heart isn’t usually your style. You’re much likelier to fly by the seat of your pants. Right now, though, making a list of pros and cons could be very helpful.

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Don’t be afraid to bring up a wild idea with your sweetie. Right now, they’re likelier than ever to be receptive. If you can dream it up, tell them about it. They’ll want to start right away.


Don’t let the emotionally intense week knock you off balance. Be just as careful as you would with any business venture. Don’t get your money involved in anything you are unsure of.


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