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If you’re involved in organizing a group activity, beware that complications could be in store. The good news is that you probably know who is going to complicate everything, so you can easily head them off at the pass. Offer this person some territory or tasks to be in charge of. If you aren’t in any type of organizational role, then be sure to go along with today’s plans as quietly and peacefully as you can.

Singles Lovescope

It’s really tempting to force relationships into existence, but don’t. Instead, take your time and get to know the person. You might learn all kinds of info that sends you screaming. Easy does it. Time is on your side.

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The stars provide plenty of inspiration. Encourage your partner to join in as you get creative. A little bit of the artistic medium of your choice sparks something wonderful in your partnership.


It’s a good day for secrets, either keeping them or revealing them. After all, money isn’t really your friend, is it? Do yourself a favor and decide what the info is worth before you decide on whether or not to spill the beans. It’s all legal, and the emotional aspect is neither here nor there.


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