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You might have thought you were ready for this, but there’s something about the current astral energy that forces even the most freedom-oriented, privacy-loving people on the planet to ask silly questions like “when can we be together alone?” and “are you really sure you love me?” With that in mind, you’ll be so much more understanding of your sweetheart, who probably needs some extra assurance right now.

Singles Lovescope

Take care of some groundwork right now if you want to be ready when love finds you. Plan some fun, random stuff for later, check in with your favorite apps, and scope out the new faces in your world.

Couple Lovescope

You’re feeling a little wild. Maybe that means ordering Thai take-out instead of Chinese for dinner. Maybe that means grabbing your partner and taking off to Aruba. Whatever form your impulse takes, you’ll love the results.


You have plenty of things going on in your head. In fact, too many to focus on. To stop them from simply swirling around, do something sobering. Balancing your checkbook is only one suggestion.


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