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You’re engaged in long-term planning of some sort at the moment, and the plans you make now have an extra kick. Even better, if you keep your eyes open or your phone on, someone should come your way who gives you an entirely new perspective on what’s to come. With this comes a deeper understanding, just what you need to mix up those long-term plans. This kind of enlightenment is a rare opportunity!

Singles Lovescope

Searching for true love may seem daunting, but it’s really not. Two people meet, two people fall in love. You know, it’s pretty simple. You might be the one making it more complicated than necessary.

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The stars give you extra clarity of vision, especially when it comes to your relationship right now. You see exactly what needs to be done and who has to do it. Now talk to your partner about this.


You have no trouble reading others but how you use that information can be problematic or turn a profit. Being charming to get what you want is just plain wrong today so put your selfish streak aside.


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