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Feeling a bit stressed out? It might be the right time to experience what life is like from the sidelines. You’ve been a regular action hero lately, zooming to the rescue and coming to the aid of the people you value and the people who value you, but boy, that can be exhausting work! Take some time out from being there for others. Be there for yourself! Treat yourself to a mellow, quiet night (and don’t forget to turn off your phone). You can get back into the action tomorrow.

Singles Lovescope

Persistence pays off, but be careful about going overboard with the admiration. Your sentiments of love only work if the other party is receptive. If they’re not interested, move on. Know the difference between devotion and obsession.

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Just because you and your partner didn’t get the cake doesn’t mean you have to settle for the crumbs. If it’s meant to happen, nothing you can do will make it go wrong. If it isn’t, nothing can make it right either.


It’s one thing handling other people’s money, or even reading about it in the paper, but when it comes to your own retirement, suddenly gambling seems downright reckless. Proceed with caution.


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