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Security of all kinds is on your mind, more so than usual. It never hurts to double-check locks, insurance, smoke alarms, and so forth, but if it feels like you’re going a little crazy, it’s time to take a step back and do two things. First, examine your fears and see if you can stop trying to eliminate them completely. Second, get some fresh air and do something invigorating.

Singles Lovescope

Aspects of your romantic feelings or situation that were hidden, maybe aspects you’ve been hiding from yourself, become much clearer now. Take a fresh look at them in a more philosophical way.

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Is your partner just downright crazy? Take a good look in the mirror, because you could be attracting that kind of energy. Maybe it’s time to do some work on yourself.


Don’t expect to make your fortune today, especially if you don’t work alone. You have no patience for monkeying around, but it’s hard to get others to stay focused on anything but play. You can try going it alone or simply give in and start your weekend early.


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