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Someone’s words are not matching their actions, and it should cause you to think twice about taking their advice or following in their footsteps. These contradictions in their character are a sure sign that they are not who you thought they were. Take a break from expanding your social circle right now. You can have too many friends, you know. It’s much better for you to concentrate on fewer relationships than to spread yourself too thin.

Singles Lovescope

You never know when your next love is just around the corner. Pay close attention to your dealings and go easy. Try not to say anything that might put off a romantic prospect.

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Your stamina today is impressive. Don’t waste it all at work! Hang out with your partner and put your energy level to better use!


Much about your finances is out of your control right now and that makes you uncomfortable. But there is something else that you should enjoy letting go of. Don’t hold the reigns of your imagination. Let yourself let go.


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