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Try not to go overboard or get too dramatic. Your hunger to experience something different could put you in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are many creative ways to escape boredom. If you can’t be ecstatic, at least find some harmless route to contentment. Part of the problem may be the company you choose to keep. It might be time to add some new faces to your usual mix.

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Making connections is everything right now. Whether you’re face-to-face or cruising dating apps, chatting with friends of friends is the best way to expand your social circle.

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Don’t dismiss your plans as a silly little daydream. Everything in the universe starts as a thought. If you find your energy flagging, turn to your partner for a little boost or some supplementary enthusiasm.


You don’t need a sizzling, white-hot kind of day. In fact, you’d gladly settle for a good one. On second thought, make that one that breaks even. Don’t set your expectations any lower or any higher and you won’t be surprised.


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