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It’s a given that whenever you open your mouth, the truth will reveal itself. It might emerge bluntly and unceremoniously at times, but it’s definitely going to be the truth. When someone asks you today to let them know your thoughts about a certain issue, warn them before you answer, or at least ask them if they’re sure they want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Otherwise, pass.

Singles Lovescope

A conversation with someone unexpected could produce some sparks today. And you’ll be unexpectedly delighted and encouraged by the prospect. Maybe you’ll even have an unexpected date tonight too?

Couple Lovescope

In recent weeks you’ve made some big promises to your partner. Now it’s time to show you aren’t all talk. It’s time for action. Keep in mind that the changes you said you’d make will benefit you both.


You’re getting desperate, and that calls for desperate measures. Be careful, though, because once you get a taste of that hidden wild side of yours, you’ll never want to go back to safety and complacency. Remember the point of it all.


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