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Be extremely wary of an extravagant gesture from a person who is usually frugal and unassuming. Unless they’ve recently won the lottery, they might be trying to overcompensate for some guilt or other type of negative feeling. Get some time with them today to find out what really motivated their generosity. Dig deep until they come up with the real reason. They have assumptions about you that need to be corrected, and you’re the only person who can do it.

Singles Lovescope

No matter what you’ve got going on, you need to shake things up immediately. Think more, bigger, better, and even a little bit crazier. Turn the volume all the way up!

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You don’t have to carry that burden by yourself. Ask and your partner will gladly lend a hand. If pride is holding you back, get past it. They want to help. You need the help. Get to it.


Free your thought process. If you mine your daydreams, you can come up with some profitable goals. The key is to let yourself let go. Make sure you don’t let it become a habit.


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