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It might sound like fun, but you can’t spend your life going from one adventure to another. You just won’t have the energy for it. Plus, if you’re always off exploring new things or visiting exotic places, when will you ever be able to establish ties with people? Having nonstop excitement in your life can get boring after a while, so get ahead of the curve by slowing down. Quit while you’re ahead and remind yourself how nice it can be to stay at home and do nothing.

Singles Lovescope

Now’s the time to take it to another level with a certain someone — and this could go either way. If you’re in too deep, lighten it up a little — let it breathe. Or, take it down a few notches. Profound is good… heavy, not so good.

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It’s a great time for the two of you to explore new options and alternatives. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme or uncomfortable. In fact, if you keep it light and fun, so much the better.


You are feeling stretched to the limit. Instead of indulging the feeling, give yourself a dose of gratitude. You may not have masses of gold coins but you’re covering the basics. Remind yourself of what you have, even if it’s only access to credit.


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