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Your ambitions have taken you far in your life, but in going so far have you left someone behind? Reach out to the areas of your life you’ve been neglecting and realign your goals. Focus on people and building relationships, not your resume. Take a day or two off from heavy-duty thinking and put your family and friends first. Today, send out some messages to the people who would love to hear what’s up in your life. Catch up with what’s going on with them.

Singles Lovescope

It’s all about relationships now, whether it’s one from the past, one that’s barely begun, or the possibility of a fresh start around the corner. Being positive is the way to create your own fabulous reality.

Couple Lovescope

You know your partner and you understand and appreciate how this relationship works. But don’t fool yourself into thinking you know everything about each other. That would be so boring!


Something is clouding your vision. Is the promise of a good meal all it takes to make money issues fly right out the window? Try to stay focused for the rest of the day.


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