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There is a lot of potential for rewarding verbal communication today, so it’s a great time for talking about big ideas with a friend or two. Sharing your hopes and dreams is always good fun, but together you might be able to cook up some plans that will actually help make some of those dreams come true. The best resources for ideas are the people who care about you the most, so listen when they make a suggestion, no matter how crazy it may sound.

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You might need to do some organizing today. You’ll feel a million times better after you spend time paying some bills, going through your mail, and cleaning off your desk. It’ll clear up all kinds of space and energy to think about love and romantic interests.

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You know how to stand your ground, which is great. Be honest with yourself, though. Is there a possibility that this is important to you because of a past unaired resentment? Go ahead and talk about it.


The most meaningful and loving gestures are cheap or free, whether you’re on the giving or the receiving end. The last thing you want anyone to do for you is to make you a good dinner, but some poetry would be nice.


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