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Everyone will be delighted with your answers and ideas today. Enjoy the confidence that other people have in your abilities, and then maybe you might start having a little more confidence in them too! You are so much more capable than you think you are, and these other people are finally helping you understand that. Having a healthier ego takes a little work. You have to nourish it and be comfortable bragging about yourself a bit. People won’t be put off by it.

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You’re faced with a big decision right now, and you’re not exactly sure what to do next. If every option has equal appeal, just trust your instincts to guide you the right way.

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If money is tight these days, you’ll want to get creative about ways to save. Making lunches for you and your partner to take to work is not only thrifty, it’s a fun way to express your nurturing side.


Others are waiting for your direction. All you have to do is give the word and they will do your bidding. Put the energy to good use, because your adoring minions will be back to normal sooner than you can realize.


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