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You might be confused in your romantic relationship right now, but unfortunately there is no instruction manual to consult. Your friends are there to offer advice, but be careful not to take what they say literally. Every situation is different. While what they say might resonate with you, it also might not create the same results for you that it did for them. Be faithful to yourself and what’s in your heart. Ultimately, your heart will tell you what you need to do to protect yourself.

Singles Lovescope

All those coins you’ve tossed into wishing wells are finally starting to pay off! Something you’ve been hoping for is just about to come to life. Here’s the best part: it’s just as great as you had imagined!

Couple Lovescope

Take pleasure in getting things done with your partner. Two heads are better than one, and you’ve just proven that the two of you are one heck of a team. Use this new partnership to the fullest.


You and money are locked in a dance step, but you’re not sure which of you is leading. If you continue focusing on money instead of taking the initiative, then you are answering your own question. Start deciding for yourself what you want to go where.


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