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Today, you could have an urge to go explore a place or idea that’s usually uncomfortable for you. Your curiosity has become stronger than your fear of the unknown, and this is a very positive development. Music will help you carry this good phase along. Listen to it for inspiration. It will encourage you to keep discovering and keep exploring.

Singles Lovescope

No microwave meals or takeout for you. Tonight, take the time to prepare a delicious dinner. Whether you pamper yourself alone or invite a guest is up to you. The important thing is to treat your body right.

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You and your partner are thoroughly charmed by something new in your life, but your inner voice wonders how your schedule will be affected by this. You can handle this new demand with some careful planning.


Try not to get upset if you’re not comfortable with the pace. Making money is slow going for everyone these days, not just you. Don’t let your subliminal heavy business convince you otherwise.


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