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You have mastered an immense challenge that few people could have handled, but you might be feeling like no one noticed! This resounding lack of praise could be disappointing, and it certainly is not appropriate. You deserve praise for your accomplishments. You can always pat yourself on the back, you know, so why not? Give yourself a treat today and promise yourself that the next time someone else does something wonderful, you’ll be the one cheering the loudest. Lead by example.

Singles Lovescope

Return phone calls and messages and check the dating apps while the stars are sending some romantic energy your way. The evening is more about mellow downtime.

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Be a daredevil when it comes to your relationship. Smooch your sweetie passionately in full view of others. Burst into song when you’re together. Giving a little gets you a little. Giving a lot gets you much more.


So what if your mood isn’t as high as a kite. It’s being opinionated about your prospects that’s keeping you down. Lighten up. You could be shooting the breeze one moment and see your ideas take off the next.


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