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If you’re in the middle of negotiations today, expect a snag to pop up early on. You’ll be able to suggest an alternative idea, but the other party involved might not see your solution as the right one. Expect some pushback and stand up to it. Play a little bit of hardball and show this person that while you’re willing to be flexible and just go with the flow, you aren’t a pushover. It’s in your interest to come up with an answer. You shouldn’t lose focus on what you need to gain.

Singles Lovescope

If you think this kind of good fortune comes along just once in a great while, remember that luck is a combination of many factors. The odds are certainly on your side — open your eyes and you see new opportunities.

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Plan an intimate evening with your partner to celebrate your relationship. Start by sharing your deepest feelings, and then let your passion for each other tell you what to do next.


Talking about your misery won’t help your bottom line. If anything, it will affect your future earnings by affecting your reputation. Keep in mind how others see you, and communicate another day.


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