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Whether you realize it or not, your reputation has been on a steady climb for a while now. Make the most of that when you talk to a person who holds a lot of power in your life. Engage them in an interesting conversation. Don’t just talk about the weather. Ask about a shared interest, for instance, or bring up a controversial (but not contentious) news item. It’s a great day to make connections.

Singles Lovescope

A new crush has you flying so high you feel like you’re in the stratosphere! Savor this feeling while remembering to keep just a bit grounded. You want to have a nice place to land when you come back down to earth.

Couple Lovescope

Your recent period of feeling unsettled is coming to an end, and you can look forward to feeling more content than you have in a long time. Your relationship is just what you need it to be.


You never thought you’d be stuck in the same trap you’ve seen others snagged in, but here you are. Whether it’s a credit card you can’t pay or a loan that’s due, you’re having a sudden sense of compassion for your fellow passengers.


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