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Nothing will be too much of an obstacle for you today, as long as you don’t show any fear or hesitation. Be flexible, and try to act like you aren’t bothered by anything. Anyone who is causing you stress or putting undue pressure on you now is going to give up soon. They’ll give up even sooner if you refuse to be intimidated. Match them word for word, meet their gaze, and call their bluff. You can turn things around and be in a very powerful position.

Singles Lovescope

Choosing your words carefully and sharing interests are key to finding your way with this new crush. Once you find the topics that make you click, you should find that your connection is strong.

Couple Lovescope

Is pride all that’s standing in the way between you and your partner right now? Get down off your high horse. That idea of your partner’s is a darned good one. Give them credit and put this plan into action.


You’re getting the sneaking suspicion that not everyone is on board. Or is it the sinking suspicion? It may seem like everyone has a different agenda, but really there’s only one agenda, multiplied: making an individual profit.


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