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At certain times, it’s perfectly safe to give over the care of your belongings to the powers that be. At other times, it isn’t. This is one of those times when keeping very close company with the things that you hold most dear wouldn’t be a bad idea, especially if you’re traveling and you’ll need what you’ve packed as soon as you arrive. This is one of those moments when carry-on luggage is less of an inconvenience than it seems to be when you’re lugging it around.

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You just want everyone to be happy and get along. Nothing wrong with that. But a little friction isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It keeps everyone (including you and a certain someone) on their toes.

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If there’s something troubling you, now is the time to bring it up. It’s not going to introduce itself, and your partner might not even realize it’s been bothering you. Speak up!


Doting on your friends is a pleasure but you need to do something for yourself for a change. Being selfish is downright healthy in small quantities. Buy yourself something you’ve always wanted, and don’t spend money on anyone but you.


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