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Speaking of making a move, if you don’t do it first, someone else will. Enough with thinking about it, mulling it over, and trying to decide which moment would be best. Use your instincts, which have yet to let you down if you think about it. Just do it. This person has been waiting long enough, and so have you. Besides, isn’t it fun to keep this new interest on their toes?

Singles Lovescope

Put your effort toward long-term goals now. You’re less concerned with who you’ll have fun with today than who you’ll want to spend your time with for months, even years, to come. Consider the future.

Couple Lovescope

Creating something fresh in your relationship is favored now, as is your power of creativity. How about coming up with an activity so great that it becomes a new tradition for the two of you?


If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. And again. You’re sure that if you just try hard enough you’ll bring out that black gold, but even you should have your limits. Give yourself a maximum and don’t knock yourself out trying beyond it.


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