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Your busy life has been quite entertaining, but it has also kept you from spending more time with all your favorite people! Slow down. Cancel some appointments or reschedule them for another day. Make time to talk with your friends or family undisturbed. Send out some messages and find out when everyone is free for a good, long chat. Chances are they could use an excuse to slow down their own busy lives, too.

Singles Lovescope

Take your mind off your own dating plans and dilemmas by helping someone else with theirs. As you share opinions with pals or help a coworker prepare for a big date, you might discover new strategies of your own!

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Romance is on your mind today, and you’ll find it hard to think about anything else. Find a quiet place where you can be with your loved one, and then do what comes naturally.


Financial planning is harder than ever, if not downright impossible. You’ve gleaned a lot of information, and you need to keep every last bit of it to yourself. Don’t share, even with friends.


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