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One of the best things you can do for yourself today is be expressive, and put your whole body into it! Wave your hands, shake your head, and do a little dance if it will get your point across. Let the world know how you’re feeling by the way you act, and you’ll save yourself some time. Plus, it will feel good to move around when you talk. It’ll get your blood pumping and get you noticed.

Singles Lovescope

Now’s not the time to be set in your ways, especially not in the ever-changing realm of romance. Flexibility and openness are the principles to pursue while all the newness sorts itself out.

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Confidence and strength are two of your greatest assets when it comes to a challenging relationship situation. You’re practically in the clear, especially if you add two other important qualities: humor and patience.


The market had its own hidden agenda. If you were caught unaware, call yourself once burned, twice shy. But don’t spend all of your time deciphering today’s financial undercurrents.


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