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Let your creativity call the shots today, no matter what silly stuff it’s telling you to do. So what if it tells you to wear mismatched socks, speak only in rhyme, or skip down the street all day? It needs you to hear its voice. Apparently, you have been ignoring it a little too much for a little too long. Being serious might get you more credibility at work, but what is it doing for your personality? Let your wackier side show. People will love seeing you flex your creative muscles.

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Go ahead and take a risk, romantically speaking. You’ve got a good day for adventure ahead of you. There’s an excellent chance your actions will be quite rewarding. Just let your enthusiasm guide you.

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Someone offering some relationship advice may not have your best interests at heart. Hear them out and thank them kindly, but engage your own instincts when it comes to what you actually say or do.


Exactly what needs doing is still blurry. You can use this hazy state to really get creative. Once you let yourself get into the flow, it will be easier to clearly see what steps to take and why. You might as well harness your frustration, as well. It’s a great source of energy.


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