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Someone from your past will be coming back on the scene very soon — no matter how much you are dreading the reunion, you need to put on a brave face! They have a certain amount of influence over your life right now, and it will definitely be in your best interest to keep them on your side. So let go of any and all grudges and try to see the good in them — you know it’s there! But more importantly, make sure that they only see the good in you. The effort will be worth it.

Singles Lovescope

The astral energies favor you and any romantic moves you want to make right now. Much flirtatious attention will be directed your way. Make sure you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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With your feet this firmly on the ground, you can afford to let your head dwell in the stars a bit, perhaps especially where your relationship’s concerned. Dare to dream, and share those dreams.


If you’ve worked your way up from the scullery to the helm, you shouldn’t stop until you become captain. The world economy can tank as far as you’re concerned, but that can’t sink your personal ship unless you shoot a hole in the floorboards. Aim carefully.


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