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The key to long-term achievement is keeping everything on the down low when a certain boss type is going mad with power. While it may be tempting to point out areas in which they could improve things in the workplace (or their own attitude), they won’t take kindly to any suggestions right now no matter how well meant. Save any constructive criticism for when they’re more in the mood to deal with it.

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Save any big gestures for after. A simple, funny compliment or tiny gift is all you need for the time being. Your creative energy and kind ways are more impressive than any extravagance.

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Life has an annoying way of disrupting your normal routine. Instead of stressing out over things you can’t control, be more willing to look for solutions elsewhere. Ask your partner for a different take.


Your attitude and your energy level and your intellect are all intricately entwined. Money is not actually the cause of your funk. You can think your way back to the bright side a lot more efficiently than you could spend your way there. Although it’s more work, the effect is longer lasting.


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