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You’re smart enough to know that decisions about who gets ahead in life aren’t always based on fairness. But that shouldn’t stop you from seeking justice and equality. No matter how bizarre or uncomfortable a situation might be, you should try to be the voice of mutual respect. It’s more rewarding to think that all people should be treated equally than it is to be cynical and think the worst of people. Show that to others by standing up for those being treated poorly.

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Your friends are all you need to lift your spirits. Send lots of messages, make lots of phone calls, and don’t forget to get a date with a friend for lunch or dinner if you can swing it.

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Someone you don’t know all that well could offer you some amazingly good relationship advice, probably unsolicited. Listen carefully and decide how to apply it to your life.


Being flexible has value, to a point, but it pays to be organized. If you want to get anything accomplished today, you’ll have to come up with a plan and stick to it.


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