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There’s usually only one or two reasons that we become inordinately interested in our physical selves. We either decide that it’s time to concentrate on our health or we run into someone who’s so darned interesting that we start thinking about how to make them interested too, which means by going on a self-improvement regimen. Regardless of what happens now, you’ll be at this for a while, so don’t worry about losing interest in that yearlong gym membership.

Singles Lovescope

Coming up short on your singles search? The stars say to diversify. Adopt a new activity. Remove yourself from your comfort zone and watch things get really interesting.

Couple Lovescope

There could be some serious tension between you and your partner, but the best resolution is going to come from sharing responsibilities and power equally between the two of you.


You can pretend tomorrow will never arrive, but that won’t stop it from getting here, and with unconscious speed. If making it through two more days feels impossible, you’re not alone. Your only choice is to persevere.


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