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If you feel you’re in the wrong situation right now, you should talk to someone who has been through it before. Get insight from a friend or co-worker who’s always been willing to help you in the past. Find out what they think you should do. Avoid talking to anyone who is too close to your situation. They aren’t likely to have any objectivity about the situation and could use your trust as an opportunity to advance their own issues and hidden agendas.

Singles Lovescope

Meeting people left and right, but none of them quite a match? Expand your gang. The more the merrier, and the more potential love connections via your new friends’ myriad connections.

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You’re determined to unravel this conundrum on your own, but why? Two heads are definitely more resourceful than one right now. Present this puzzle to your partner. Their perspective is a boon.


You’ll get a lesson in spirituality that changes how you view money. A deep understanding of economics isn’t necessary for this particular gestalt. All you really need is time with someone good at preaching the gospel of frugality.


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