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Your mind is very powerful today, especially where visual abilities are concerned, so it’s a great day for artistic endeavors and projects. On the home front, you should get started with any home improvements or redecorating you’ve been contemplating. You might find some inspiration early today that makes all your choices clear (and popular). In your personal life, consider updating your closet inventory. A new fashion statement can give your attitude a boost.

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You’ve got your opinions, and even more, you love to make them known. Sometimes this assertiveness can rub people the wrong way, so give them the chance to talk. Just wait for opportunities to enhance the conversation.

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Recently you two have jumped over a big hurdle. Now your partnership is clicking along quite nicely. It’s tempting to become complacent, but use this momentum to lay the groundwork for the future instead.


You’re feeling lost without any challenges to tackle today. You don’t have to waste your day totally adrift, though. If you can’t rustle up any problems to solve of your own, put your efforts into helping others.


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