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If you spend your money quickly, you’ll be feeling the sting in your wallet for a lot longer than you expect. Take any transactions slowly, and don’t use credit if you can avoid it. Impulse buys require much more financial commitment than you realize. Commitment is an issue in one of your friendships, too. They want more of your time than you’re willing to give. Make it clear what your boundaries are before they get the wrong idea.

Singles Lovescope

You have your perfect type defined right down to their toenails. But does your specificity mean you’re missing out on someone a little left of perfection? Broaden your search just a bit. You’ll find out about lots of new and interesting prospects.

Couple Lovescope

Sometimes you think you two were made for each other. Other times, you’re convinced that it’s your joint efforts that have made everything work so swimmingly. Well, couldn’t it be a combination of both? Think about it.


It’s your duty to be as economical as you can be when it comes to buying life’s necessities. After all, saving money is part of taking care of yourself. But you’re due for a big splurge, and it’s going to be on something mundane, like shampoo. Enjoy.


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