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Someone you usually find fascinating could leave you feeling bored today, but don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you’re no longer into this person. It probably just means you need to take a break. It’s a wise idea to embark on a new solo project right now. Whether you choose to go off by yourself or just take the afternoon to contemplate your next move doesn’t matter much. Just focus on you for a while.

Singles Lovescope

Look a little more closely when it comes to love today. You need to set your desires to one side if you want to see how to move on. Develop a clear vision and rethink your expectations.

Couple Lovescope

For the next few days, let the focus be on your partner. Just because they don’t ask to be the center of attention doesn’t mean they don’t want to be sometimes! Let them know they’re your shining star.


There is a lot of extra emotional weight attached to everything you so much as consider buying. All that intensity is making you unsure of yourself and your ability to make the right choices. Don’t spend until the feeling passes and you know you’re capable of picking a winner.


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