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Strange but interesting ideas will be bursting from your brain early today, but good luck getting any of them to become reality now. You are likely to deal with some unexpected eruptions from other people, which will definitely distract you. So don’t have expectations that are too high, today. You need to slow down anyway — you’ve been going too fast for too long and it’s time to let other people take the lead. You might have the idea, but they have the energy and the resources necessary.

Singles Lovescope

Any moves you make today need to be subtle, like friendly conversations instead of big confessions. Leave things ambiguous rather than being too upfront.

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Send your sweetie some sassy texts or naughty e-mails. That will get their motor running. Passion is on the astral agenda. Romantic overtures you send now turn into a full symphony.


You don’t exactly live out a fantasy, but you have a pretty good time anyway. You get to pull a financial rabbit out of your hat or show off your magical abilities to make things disappear. As long as the money isn’t on credit and what’s disappearing involves bills instead of savings, you’re good. Enjoy.


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